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Interious BioResearch Centre (IBRC)

Though the humid tropical climate in Kerala favors agricultural production, there are serious challenges with fungal infection. Currently there are chemical fungicides used to treat the infections, which leads to a drastic deterioration of soil micro flora. The present startup firm developed an organic sprayable nano formulation effective for the short span crops, which is currently available in market.


Partners: Sreejith S Shibil Shad K

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This is a tool that can be used for capping fruits and vegetables to protect from birds, insects etc. by using any kind of paper or cloth cover. The length of the tool is adjustable and has a wide demand among farmers.


Partners: Jisho George Shaji K Varghese

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Calabura lab

Calabura labs is technically advanced company focussed on herbal based health care products, cosmetics and toiletries.


Partners: Abudahir Renjith Mahasenan

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Eco Loving Advancement (ELA)

Eco Loving Advancement – ELA is a startup company initiated by the research scholars of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala to propagate the idea of green conference. Each conferences, seminars, Symposia etc. were left back lot of plastic wastes in all the institutions. This leads to the idea of Green Conference Concept. The scholars especially from School of Environmental Sciences, MG University with the financial aid of Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (BIIC) and Inter University Centre for Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture (IUCOFSA) have started the ELA.


Partners: Balu Balachandran Shabeer Shajahan Gopikrishna V G Abdul Shukkur M Arun Sasi S Aswin Rajan Varghese

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Dia herbal healths pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Dia herbal is a company focused on solutions to serious health problems related to diabetes. Their herbal combination consists of 20 medicinal plants all over Kerala and Karnataka. Based on the clinical trials under the guidance of Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science, NewDelhi, got petent license from the drug department


Partners: Dr. Sweetymol Jose Dr. Jobin K. Thomas

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Ticeon-HSE LLP

TA company that focus mainly for the design and development of innovative products in connection with health, safety and environment.

Proprietor: Mr. Shaji Jacob

Varsya Eco solutions Pvt. Ltd

Varsya Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd is an organization that has laid down its foundation after understanding the ill effects with the excessive use of plastic. The prime focus is to develop biodegradable solutions to use as coating on cooked food packing.

Partners: Mr. Nitheesh Sundaresan Mrs. Anu Nitheesh

Gospaferm Biologicals

Produces microbial fromulations such as organic fertilizers, biofertilizers, organic pesticides, bionematicides, plant growth promoting formulations and biopesticides that can help growing crop/plants luxuriously, leading to greater productivity and sustainability.

Proprietor: Abin John Varghese, Director (Operations and Management)

AmFLY Laboratories

Active Nano Detergents and Nano-cosmetics Development.

Proprietor: Mohammad Roshan

Biodegradable shelf life enhancing natural based film for beef packaging

Partners: Mary Theresa Adila Shahana

Bionanocomposite food packaging film against food borne pathogens

Partners: Bicky Jerin Devu Vijay

Bacterial cellulose film from Eichhornia crassipes

Proprietor: Sreeja R. Pillai

Wound healing hydrogel incorporated with green synthesized nanoparticles and natural products

Partners: Neelima S Vipina T.N

Antimicrobial film for meat packaging

Partners: Sreekanth K Sarath