Vision & Mission The Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (BIIC), @ Mahatma Gandhi University, established in 2016


  • To synergize the triadic relationship of academia-industry-government for building better innovation system and enabling knowledge flow
  • To bridge the gap between theoretical classroom learning and real world applicability
  • To make the students from job seekers to job providers


  • To strengthen university-national R&D research tie-ups and interaction with reputed firms
  • To enable the students/ faculty to meet the demands of industry, government and the broader community through research, curriculum, workshops, seminar, courses
  • To empower students to take their ideas from labs to markets-ready
  • To provide networking opportunities to students and facilitate their interaction with entrepreneurial communities through lectures/fairs/exhibition/industrial visits, etc.
  • To offer an all-encompassing support system in extending ideas, nurturing incubation, facilitating product development, assisting training and providing premises